Sigma Ninjas

Grown up nurturing a fascination for the ninjas? Awestruck by their perfection and utilizing strength to the maximum? Floored by their lethal sword skills and no error strikes? Yes? Then Six Sigma is the way for you. Six Sigma has been the core defect elimination and product maximization technique for quite some time now. The incredible skill and perfection a Six Sigma professional possesses is no less than a ninja taking over a herculean task with ease and maybe that’s why they were classified as yellow, green, black and master black belts according to the level of expertise just as in the martial art.

If you are new and wondering what this is about and what actually is six sigma then let’s just provide you with an overview of this incredible skill which has fought its way into the corporate with élan.

  • Six Sigma is a set of tools and techniques minimize errors, reduce wastage, variation and avoid defects to the sixth sigma level i.e. 3.4 defects per million opportunities
  • It uses two different techniques based on the business requirement DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) and DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify) which in turn have more sub methods such as FMEA (Failure, Mode, Effect, Analysis) and Kaizen (Japanese technology) etc.
  • It first started with Motorola’s engineer Bill Smith who implemented the Six Sigma methodology to maximize profits by reducing defects in their products, GE followed its footsteps and both started making huge profits tempting other big players to join, leading by example. Today regardless of big or small companies Six Sigma has become a main requirement which ably implemented would impact the business positively.
  • From saving money and spending wisely six sigma impacts the company’s habits to the best positive extent.
  • Even governments are turning to implement six sigma to use the public funds for more good to the public in return
  • Businesses implement lean programs which aim at identifying defects at lowest possible level and allow the business to streamline things accordingly to minimize errors, wastage of resources and implementation of unnecessary steps in the business process.
  • Six Sigma professionals are always on the lookout for hard facts which lay the foundation of effective implementation of Six Sigma methodology.
  • Trainings, experience and personality traits together or individually make a great six sigma professional who gears up to mold the business process for its good by implementing his exemplary cost and defect reduction skills.

Now why I refer them to Ninjas is because of the huge load of responsibility they carry on their shoulders. These biggies are trusted so much that employers just don’t expect them to go wrong (in fact they couldn’t even afford them to go wrong) and that’s why the great power to the ninjas comes from great practice, impeccable knowledge, absolute leaderships skills, excellent communication, top class project management and sharp analytical prowess.


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