Project Management is the mainstay of any industry these days, the more advanced we are becoming in the education and application field the more we are switching to smarter ways of handling operations. Leading companies in the world are turning to ‘projects only’ mode even in their day to day operations because it gives them the liberty to be specific in every aspect of business. More realistic goals are being set and their achievement is being planned, initiated, executed, monitored and controlled by applying the best practices in the industry.

PMP or PRINCE2 or any other project management platform all come with a guideline set for a better and effective completion of project, a project which has been optimized to eke out the best possible outcome for the practices implemented. Although it does not solely rely on the certifications and platforms but experience and education makes a very strong project manager.

Certifications are recommended highly in the early stages of a career since they provide value to your resume and your personality in the initial screening process. Credentials in the long term are just like our educational qualifications which give you an edge initially, however it’s the skill set you possess which cements your place in the industry, provides you with recognition which definitely is displayed when a skilled project manager delivers a project.

Evolving from a trainee to a captain; a project manager’s journey is filled with task fulfillment, problem solving, managing stakeholders and projects in particular. It is like he’s been through rough waters and now knows them so fine that he just surfs through it like a no wave.

The project management teams are the intelligence unit of a project and they engage themselves mostly in getting their facts right to planning, structuring, restructuring, mitigating executing and yet again controlling everything goes as per the plan.

The teams are led by the project manager who is in the communication loop as the leader of the wolf pack who designs strategies to overcome various challenges faced in a project. What is more important is his skill set and how effectively he utilizes his power which has an able backing of experience and training. The industry is a witness to the success of certified project managers who have led the way incredibly to see things off the way they were ought to be.

Project Managers are required to keep things going, build client relationships, manage teams, schedules, baselines, deadlines, deliverables, stakeholders, and whoa! What not. Now that’s why they lead like how they should. Successful businesses realize the value of project based operations and hire the certified and experienced to propel their business processes to greater heights. That for sure is the power of the leaders of ‘The Wolf Pack’ the ‘New Gen Project Managers’.


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