Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma Green Belt

The expert led process of applying techniques and best practices to define, analyze, measure and validate to minimize errors, reduce wastage and avoid defects to the sixth sigma level (3.4 defects per million opportunities) is Six Sigma application. Both Green Belt and Black Belt Six Sigma are progressive trainings and certifications which equips the individual with core error identification and problem solving capabilities. With an aim to maximize quality and minimize costs by eliminating waste and unnecessary practices Six Sigma professionals lead the way in elevating company ranks by refining the business process.

At MAXPROLEARN we provide the participant with 8 hours training aligned on the lines of both ASQ® and IASSC®. Course content is uniquely customized to support both the sources of certification training. We also provide course material for further reference and study, not to mention the post training online support by out prompt instructors should you miss out on anything during the classroom training.

Course Completion Certificate PDU’s by MAXPROLEARN

Certification Body: ASQ

  • A Six Sigma Green Belt Expert possesses statistical analysis skills of the super talented league and level
  • An SSGB expert make use of his trainings and formulates vital methodologies to achieve goals and targets identified in the analysis stage
  • An SSGB professional is not far away from mastering the techniques and tools to become a Six Sigma black belt professional as his next achievement.
  • A Six Sigma expert is from the core team in a company is a very valuable asset who is essential to reduce costs and maximize profits by almost eliminating the margin of error or defects.
  • Pay Packages of Six Sigma experts are higher than their counterparts in service delivery and other teams.
  • A certification in Six Sigma makes you one of the most preferred candidates for any employer implementing or intending to implement Six Sigma in their company.
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