Training is an essential part of professional education. Classroom, self-paced, online or corporate, it is always good to plan your preferences well in advance so that there is no disappointment over choices later. All the types of trainings have their USP’s and their targeted audience alike; they are quite customized to your need. However it […]

Project Management is the mainstay of any industry these days, the more advanced we are becoming in the education and application field the more we are switching to smarter ways of handling operations. Leading companies in the world are turning to ‘projects only’ mode even in their day to day operations because it gives them […]

Defying the conventional approach to workplace, professionals and organizations have realized the need to cross training and Upskilling oneself to always soar ahead of the competition and have a better value tag at work. More and more professionals are being fed its advantages either by their company or the uncertainties in the market with cut-throat […]


Sigma Ninjas

Grown up nurturing a fascination for the ninjas? Awestruck by their perfection and utilizing strength to the maximum? Floored by their lethal sword skills and no error strikes? Yes? Then Six Sigma is the way for you. Six Sigma has been the core defect elimination and product maximization technique for quite some time now. The […]


Staffing Solutions

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